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The Why and the How Guide to Making a Smart S&OP Technology Selection

March 27th, 2014 @ 9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT


Supply Chain Insights

While sales and operations planning (S&OP) has been around for 30 years, there remains significant opportunity for companies to fully benefit from it. Many manufacturers “get stuck” at the supply/demand balancing level and never progress into Integrated Business Planning (IBP). Why? It’s because the vast majority of companies still use Excel and manual efforts to drive their S&OP processes.

While no company will ever completely abandon spreadsheets, those who attempt to achieve S&OP maturity with only disconnected processes and solutions will never drive truly collaborative, scalable planning. The alternative lies in selecting the right technology to power S&OP to the next level.

In this webinar, Lora Cecere, founder of Supply Chain Insights, will provide direction on:

  1. How the right S&OP technology can render big business benefits
  2. How S&OP technologies have changed over time
  3. How to select the S&OP solution that best fits your requirements
  4. How to avoid the pitfalls of implementation

Join this session to understand how technologies have changed and how you can select the solution that best fits your requirements.

Who should attend:

  • S&OP and Supply Chain Leadership
  • Demand/Forecast Planners
  • Business Planners
  • Heads of IT
  • Anyone involved in or leading an S&OP RFP project


Lora CecereLora Cecere
Founder and CEO, Supply Chain Insights

Lora has over forty years of diverse supply chain experience, and has spent nine years as an industry analyst with Gartner Group, AMR Research, and Altimeter Group. She is now the founder of her own firm, Supply Chain Insights.

Ed Lewis

Ed Lewis
Vice President, Product Marketing and Planning, Steelwedge Software

With over twenty years of experience leading design, development and marketing of S&OP and supply chain solutions, Ed is responsible for market assessment, requirements definition and go to market strategy.

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