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Revenue Growth or Cost Control? Strike the Right Balance with S&OP and Demand Planning Technology

July 15th, 2014 @ 10:00am PDT/1:00pm EDT

In the years after The Great Recession of 2008, companies focused their energy and attention in driving efficiency and being more cost effective. Forecast accuracy became even more important. However, in the last 2 years the global economy has shown revival signs and growth is now both a possibility and a priority. But, how can companies continue to drive cost efficiency and, at the same time, foster growth? 

Revenue Growth or Cost Control? Strike the Right Balance with S&OP and Demand Planning TechnologyThis webinar will discuss S&OP in the context of balancing control vs. growth—with a look at the prospects and pitfalls of balancing global, regional and local planning and decision making. We will discuss how an established S&OP process and the right technology:

  • Enables top executives to drive their strategic agenda all the way to the operational and transactional layers
  • Helps companies to maintain financial and operational control while fostering revenue growth
  • Creates the agility to pursue both external growth opportunities and internal drive for growth through innovation

Join us to learn how to optimize your company’s approach to drive growth, whether you are new to S&OP and Demand Planning or you are evolving your strategy and process.


Chris Turner

Chris Turner
Co-Founder of Strategy and Change Management Consulting Firm, Stratabridge

Chris is co-founder of StrataBridge, a strategy and change management consulting firm, creating ideas, developing methodologies and stimulating coherent action that accelerate your growth agenda, sustain organizational effectiveness and embed joined-up decision-making to make your ideal world your real world.

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