• a. Right now our sales and operations teams are not on the same page but know we need to coordinate
    b. We want to use S&OP to balance supply with demand and improve cust service and improve on-time delivery or improve costs
    c. S&OP can help achieve business plan goals and achieve financial goals
    d. The S&OP processes will provide a top to bottom view and ability to collaborate across business inputs inside and outside the org
  • a. We have many different disjointed plans
    b. We have begun to integrate our demand plan with our sales forecast and are starting to reconcile our supply plan
    c. We can strategically analyze demand and supply and inventory to achieve or exceed business objectives
    d. In addition to strategically anlyzing demand supply and inventory we are collaborating on our planning with outside vendors
  • a. Our meetings are sporadic and informal
    b. We have formal scheduled meetings but attendance is spotty
    c. All participants regularly attend our formal meetings
    d. The process is functioning well enough that we hold a combination of formal and event-driven meetings
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S&OP Maturity Test