The Pursuit of Growth: Is Your S&OP "Glocal" Enough?

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February 26th, 2013 @ 9:00am PST/12:00pm EST

The Pursuit of Growth: Is Your S&OP "Glocal" Enough?

Featured Presenter - Chris Turner, Co-Founder of strategy and change management consulting firm, StrataBridge

Chris Turner

Picking up from his popular September Webinar: S&OP Strategy to Bridge the Agility Gap, Chris Turner advances the dialogue on S&OP and the shifting balance of control vs. growth—this time with a look at the prospects and pitfalls of balancing global, regional and local planning and decision making. This interactive session will explore the issues surrounding the globalization paradox and the complexities of the ever flattening (but still lumpy and uneven) world. He’ll take the discussion beyond just geography—to get to the issues that strategic business planning needs to address for enabling growth.  

This event will question some traditional S&OP/IBP beliefs that could be hampering your business’ success and will address 7 areas of focus to reset your global potential:

  • Strategy choices: Where to play? How to win?
  • Organizational shape: its impact on decision-making
  • Key decisions: critical touch points to drive coherent actions
  • Making better decisions with partial information: the implications
  • Leveraging technology: separating the signal from the noise
  • Trial, error and learning: faster results through heuristics
  • Overcoming the Laws of Change and Entropy  

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